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The CoMoViWo project started in September 2014 and finished in August 2017. At the beginning the project partners carried out a survey in five European countries (Finland, Spain, the UK, Poland and Germany) to find out about the virtual communication tools used in companies and the skills needed in virtual and mobile communication in working life. Based on the results, two language courses (in English and in Spanish) were created. The courses are published in Canvas . The course materials are suitable for self-study, but can also be used in teacher-led courses. Finally, to facilitate the use of the materials, a teacher’s handbook was published in August 2017 

Teacher's Handbook

 Download a Communication in Mobile and Virtual Work - Teacher´s Handbook

MOOC course in Canvas

The one of the project output is MOOC course.The course is aimed at three types of participants:
  • individual students wishing to improve their competences in virtual and international business communication
  • people currently in working life who would like to upgrade their skills
  • teacher-led groups
Course introductions:

EN: Module 1 | Module 2 | Module 3
Spanish: Modulo 1 | Modulo 3 | Modulo 3

Course in English
Course in Spanish

Graph on the Review and Research results
Regarding our first research question concerning the degree of formality used in virtual work communication settings by Finnish and Spanish employees, this needs analysis shows that participants in these working environments have a preference for the use of formal registers in both countries in most online tools. However, Finnish workers prefer to communicate more formally on social networking and email than Spanish workers as shown in Figure1.

Regarding the second research question on the strategies that Finnish and Spanish users need to develop when communicating virtually, the results obtained in this needs analysis indicate clear differences. In general, Spanish speakers display a greater need for developing different communication strategies than the Finnish interviewees. This is especially the case of greetings, virtual presentations and negotiations.
Figure 2 displays the strategies needed to be developed according to Finnish and Spanish employees:

If you like to have more information please have a look  CoMoViWo's Youtube channel.

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